Why Sleep?


“Losing four hours of sleep is comparable to drinking a six-pack of beer ,” says Tom Rath, Author of the New York Times bestselling book, Eat Move Sleep.

We rarely think about the effect that not getting enough sleep has on our bodies and our brains. Our society celebrates and praises those who are constantly “on the grind” and “burning the midnight oil”. When in reality, we are having a seriously negative impact on our bodies.

Think about it…

If losing 4 hours of sleep has the same effects as drinking a 6-pack of beer should you really be teaching students, leading meetings, policing the streets, etc?

Would you want your child’s teacher drinking a six pack before coming into the classroom?

I know I wouldn’t.

That’s why we have to change our mindset when it comes to getting the appropriate amount of sleep for our bodies. Especially when pursuing your health and fitness goals.

In order for your body to burn fat, increase metabolism, and build muscle… it has to be in an optimum state.

Which means getting adequate rest.

So, the next time you’re tempted to cut your sleep, think twice and choose better.