Personal Choice

A lot of people come to a personal training saying they “need motivation” and they “lack self-discipline”. Want to know the problem with that?

We can provide NEITHER of those two things.

Not long-term anyway…

See, you can come into the studio and be motivated by the results you see others have achieved, the words we say, the culture and atmosphere we’ve created…

But that’s all EXTERNAL motivation. And EXTERNAL motivation is TEMPORARY MOTIVATION.

In the beginning, our accountability and support will be enough to get you out of bed and into class.

Our “push” will help you be dedicated… at first.

But again, that’s EXTERNAL motivation to be disciplined. EXTERNAL discipline is TEMPORARY discipline.


So, what am I saying?

It’s all up to you!

YOU have to decide you WANT IT more than you want to hit the snooze button one more time…

More than you fast food…

More than you want the easy choices that have become comfortable…

AND kept you from getting the results you want.

Having said that, we’ve got your back.

We’re here to provide that bridge from external motivation to personal choice.

If you’re ready to choose, call us at 214-264-8953 today.