New Year, New You Nonsense

Why I hate the saying NEW YEAR, NEW YOU!

This phrase is super common for this time of year.
So many people enter a New Year with hopes and dreams of making things different.
This phrase “new year, new you” implies you need to change who you are.
However, you truly are perfect as you are and exactly where you are supposed to be in this moment. 
I’m all for personal betterment, growth, and development – those are things I personally seek every day.  
But to create a “new you” is not only unnecessary, it’s a thought process that sets you up for disappointment.
So maybe we call it “new year, better you” or “new year, smarter, fiercer, stronger you.” 

What do you say

You don’t need a new you, you just need to change some things about the existing you.
That said, what are the top 3 things you want to accomplish in 2019?

Mine are

1. Consistent Sub 15% Body Fat- Personal
2. Expand Head2Toe Network by 50%- Business
3. 2 Vacations with my Family in 2019- Family

If you need help with setting your goals for 2019 let me know and lets sit down and  get you on the right track. LEGGO.