Love the Journey


In the effort to develop a healthy and fit lifestyle, we tend to focus on the RESULTS.

We want the pounds to drop and the inches to fall off… and quickly.

We rarely take the time to live in the moment… the be present in the day to day choice of it all.

And that’s where the mistakes happen.

Looking too far ahead can cause you to misstep. Literally.

You ever been looking so far ahead that you trip on the step right in front of you? Yeah, me too.

The best way to avoid that…. is to FALL IN LOVE with the JOURNEY.

Not the destination… not the results… but the step-by-step process of changing your life and living the way you deserve.


I know it’s not easy (the mind loves hold habits and thought patterns)….


Start today…

When you find yourself thinking too far ahead, worrying, becoming anxious, frustrated, dissatisfied…

CHOOSE to shift your thinking to one of gratitude for the breath your taking, the wind your feeling, the muscles you’re moving that sustain your body and allow you to pickup your babies, complete your daily tasks… to LIVE. #LEGGO


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