Grown Folks Business


When you were a kid did you ever run into the living room when your parents were talking and you asked them what they were talking about? More than likely one of them said, “This is grown folks business!”grown folks Fast forward to today. You have kids and they want to know everything you are doing. Now it’s your turn to say, “Stay out of grown folks business!”

Well if you want to have grown folks business, then stop doing kid like things!

I can talk about a lot of childish things that we as adults do but today I want to talk about nutrition. STOP eating like a KID!

Everytime you pass by McDonalds, Burger King, Jack In The Box, etc… your kids all of a sudden gets hungry. That is what happens. They are kids and those fast food restaurant’s market to them so that they can get you to keep coming in.

When you are in the check out line your kid always asks you can you buy them some candy. Yes, that’s what kids do.

So if those are things that kids do, then why are you always stopping by McDonalds at lunch or Burger King for a breakfast sandwhich? Why do you stock your desk with mini Twix, M&M’s and snicker bars and you call that your snack? Why is it that you are always the first one at the vending machine to grab a bag of chips and soda and say “I’m just not that hungry so I’m going to eat a light meal.”

As “Grown Folks”we have the knowledge to know the difference between right and wrong and what is healthy and not healthy. As “Grown Folks” we have the resources to make healthy choices and we should have enough self control to make healthy decisions the majority of the time. Key word is Majority. “Grown Folks” business is being conscious of what we put in our bodies and knowing and understanding that there are consequences and repercussions to living an unhealthy lifestyle. Ever heard of you are what you eat?

All im trying to say is that for kids, eating healthy is not something they are concerned with . As adults eating healthy should be a priority!

So stop acting like a Kid and go ahead and EAT your vegetables.

Stop acting like a Kid and go ahead and DRINK your water instead of juice.

Stop acting like a Kid and go on and EAT a piece of Fruit and yogurt for a snack instead of chips and candy.

Start acting your age and start tending to “Grown Folks” business.

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