Frustration Is a Positive Sign

If you’re feeling frustrated in your health and fitness journey, that’s actually a good thing. It means that you still have some desire and will in you to reach your goals.

It means that you STILL WANT IT.

And that’s awesome.

Now, what to do about the feelings of frustration…

  1. Focus on the positive side of frustration. You are frustrated because you are trying and you want the results. So “shift” those thoughts of frustration for where you aren’t into gratitude for where you want to be.
  2. Give yourself some grace. Remember that this is a journey and you are traveling at your own pace. Give yourself credit for where you’ve come and the fact that you are trying. Frustration is a sign of comparison and judgment. You’re comparing yourself to someone else’s journey (hence the “I should be” thoughts) and judgment comes from being your own worst critic. Stop it.
  3. Extend gratitude for your progress and effort. This almost NEVER fails. Simply expressing gratitude for where you’ve come from, all your progress and accomplishments is a great way to stifle and shut down frustration. How can you be frustrated and thankful at the same time? The good will always win.

Your road to a healthier, happier you will have peaks and valleys. When you can learn to sit in both places and be at peace, you’ll move closer to your goals faster than you even image or notice.


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