When it comes to health and fitness, weight loss, and body image… we are a society that constantly, consistently compares itself to everyone around us. We look at people’s IG and Facebook posts and assume that’s their life.

We forget that it’s one picture, one post of 24 hours, 1440 minutes, and 86,400 seconds in a day.

It’s a SNAPSHOT. One frame of their life’s movie… and you’re letting it steal your joy.

You’re forgetting the most important part of living… YOU.


Not a watered down version, second rate effort at being someone else or who others think you should be.

But… truly being you.

Honoring your originality, your journey, your triumphs…

They are yours and yours alone.

When you see those #TransformationTuesday posts, don’t forget there were many days in between those photos. And those days were often filled with disappointment, struggle, losses, and gains.

Turn those eyes inward and fall in love with you… where you are and celebrate your progress.

Whatever it may be.

As great or as little as it might be.

It’s all you have after all.